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Over One-Half of the Channel Span Deck of the Bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait Installed

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

The builders of the bridge to the Russky Island have completed a remarkable milestone with the total length of the opposed cantilever sections of the main steel stiffening girder being now 564 meters. This is more than one-half of the 1,104-meter long channel span deck which is to link together the Eastern Bosphorus Strait shores.

Paired Panel No. 25-26 has been lifted to the elevation of 70 meters from the strait water on the Russky Island side, and paired panel No. 31-32 has been lifted on the mainland side. Therefore the total length of the opposed cantilever sections of the channel span deck is 564 meters: 318 meters on Nazimov Peninsula side and 246 meters on the Russky Island side. In spite of the inclement weather, the bridge construction is running strictly on schedule.

The bridge builders have completed the tensioning of the 22nd pair of stay cables on the Nazimov Peninsula side, and they are conducting preparations for installation of the 18th stay cable pair on the Russky Island. The legs of M6 and M7 giant pylons have reached the elevations of 283.9 and 274.9 meters above the East Bosphorus Strait water level, respectively.

Photo by Igor Lischuk / SK MOST