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Over 800 Meters of the Channel Span Deck Installed in the Bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

The main steel stiffening girder of the bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait in Vladivostok is now beyond the 800-meters milestone after paired panel number 37-38 has been lifted to the 70-meter elevation from the strait water on the Russky Island side.

As a result of this operation, the cantilevered part of the steel stiffening girder on the Russky Island side extends now over a distance of 390 meters from the M7 Pylon centerline toward the mainland. A total of 414 meters of the span deck have been installed on the Nazimov Peninsula side where paired panel number 39-40 has been lifted to the elevation of 70 meters. The total length of the opposed cantilever sections of the main steel stiffening girder is now 804 meters or 72.8% of the total length of the 1104-meter long channel span of the bridge to the Russky Island.

Photo by Igor Lischuk / SK MOST