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Builders of the Bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait Completed the Concreting of the Anchor Spans on Both Sides of the Strait

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

The builders of the bridge to the Russky Island have completed the concreting of 320-meter long sections of the reinforced concrete stiffening girder on both sides of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. A total of 21,000 cubic meters of high-grade concrete mix have been supplied to the elevation of 70 meters to complete the anchor spans.

The movement joint between the viaduct section and the reinforced concrete stiffening girder is being installed on the Russky Island. The joint is 2.7-meters wide, and the total weight of the structures is 100 metric tons. The size is based on the total bridge length of 1,885.53 meters, with the world-record length of the span deck structure that is 1,104-meters long. The movement joints over the anchor pillars, M1 on the Nazimov Peninsula side and M12 on the Russky Island side, are also record breakers as they are the largest joints in the bridge building.

Photo by Igor Lischuk / SK MOST