“Golden Link” Closes the Channel Span between the Shores of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait!

Vladivostok residents by the thousands witnessed a historic event in the night of 11-12 of April: the builders of the bridge to the Russky Island have completed installation of the final, closing panel of the world record breaker 1,104-meter long span connecting the shores of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait.

The operation in the construction site water area was started at 9:00 p.m. local time on April 11, and the builders proceeded immediately with loading off Section Number 52 to “Grigorich” Pontoon, which was custom -equipped for the purpose. The lifting of the closing panel to the design elevation of 70 meters and completing of the joint within the channel span deck have lasted almost until 04:00 a.m., and all that time thousands of people have been watching this exciting process as it happened from vista points and volcanoes. Many residents of the capital city of Primorie Region just could not miss this significant historical event. Two 546-meter long cantilever sections have been closed by a “golden link” right over the middle of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait to connect Vladivostok to the Russky Island.

“Vladivostok residents have dreamed about a bridge that would connect the mainland to the Russky Island for many generations” underscored Aleksey Baranov, Director of the OJSC USK MOST Branch in Vladivostok. “These dreams have come true, and the world record breaker 1,104-meter long channel span has been closed by the “golden link” at the altitude of 70 meters of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. From the engineering viewpoint, it would be safe to say that the construction project has been completed. We can see today the giant pylons rising up to the 324-meter elevation and the central span structure between them that weighs over 22,000 metric tons, which is suspended on 168 supercompact stay cables that are about 55 kilometers long. The most advanced technologies and design concepts have been used in the various phases of construction, which allowed us to expedite the execution of this unique construction project. They include the drilling of ultradeep boreholes from the water in the eastern Bosphorus Strait, the use of high-grade concrete for pylon erection, and installation of the main stiffening girder paired panels from the water. Implementation of this unique project demanded enormous efforts, emotional contribution and expertise of all of us. I dare say, on behalf of all bridge builders, that we are happy because not so often, once in the lifetime really, one could be honored to be able to participate in the building of such bridge. The most advanced and innovative concepts that have been accumulated in the practice of Russian and world bridge building have been put into practice here, in this particular project. The fact that Vladivostok has been linked to the Russky Island today and a giant tricolor, a symbol of the Russian Bridge, flying over the shores of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait is the major conclusion of this gigantic and crucial undertaking.”