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Foreign Diplomats Are Touring the APEC Summit Projects in Vladivostok

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Takehito Harada, Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, has arrived to Vladivostok for the first time to get to know the status of preparation for APEC-2012 Summit. Foreign diplomats started to frequent the capital of Primorie on the eve of the representative international forum.

During his visit, Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Russian Federation toured the projects of APEC-2012 Summit to get the facts about the status of Vladivostok preparation for the international forum. The Summit program includes a Russian-Japanese summit meeting and the visits of Japan Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to Russia. The Japanese diplomat is convinced that this active political dialog and a positive climate that has grown better between the two countries will contribute to farther development of Russian-Japanese relations.

Vladivostok is turning into a real center of international events on the eve of APEC-2120 Summit. It has received recently Head of the European Union Representation in the Russian Federation Fernando Valenzuela, Busan Mayor Huh Nam-Shik, and a delegation of diplomats from Latin America countries: Patricio Chavez Zavala, Ambassador of Ecuador to the Russian Federation and Belarus; Jorge Luis Perez Alvarado, Ambassador of Dominican Republic to the Russian Federation, Mario-Fernandez Silva, Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Russian Federation; Silvana Lesca, First Secretary of Uruguay Embassy to the Russian Federation; Enoc De Santiago Dulce, Cultural Attaché, Mexico Embassy to the Russian Federation; Luis Alberto Molina Cuadra, Nicaragua Ambassador to the Russian Federation; Oscar Villiegas Ramirez, Second Secretary of Paraguay Embassy to Russia; Juan Eguiguren Guzman, Chile Ambassador to the Russian Federation; Gustavo Otero Zapata, Peru Ambassador to the Russian Federation; Rafael Amador Campos, Columbia Ambassador to the Russian Federation; Jorge Sovenic, General Consul of Argentina in the Russian Federation; Carlos Antonio Da Rocha Paranhos, Brazil Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

The visitors to the capitol of Primorie note that Vladivostok changes by the day. The most stunning is the scale of construction on the Russky Island where the events of APEC-2012 Summit will take place. A photo against the backdrop of the world largest stay cable bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait has become a well-established opportunity during the visits here.

Photo by Vadim Skorobogat’ko / SK MOST

First City Buses Traveled Over the Bridge to the Russky Island

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

The first municipal buses used the bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait to travel from the center of Vladivostok to the Russky Island. The public transit system is tested now in order to make the bus traffic convenient for passengers as much as possible starting in September.

Specialists with the city administration transportation department, representatives of the Far East Federal University and Vladivostok bloggers took part in the first ride. The first public transit vehicles, a German MAN bus and a Korean Huyndai bus have traveled via the new bridges over the Golden Horn Bay and Eastern Bosphorus Strait to the Far East Federal University campus on the Russky Island. The experiment was aimed at testing the itinerary that will be used shortly to carry passengers. The specialists made quite a few stops at different points along the route and conducted the necessary measurements in order to make the new traffic system convenient for city residents.

The choice of the buses for the test rides was not made at random. MAN vehicles will be used to provide transportation for the guests of the APEC Summit within the Far East Federal University campus. Korean Hyundai buses will shuttle professors, students and local residents directly from the mainland to the Russian Island.

Photo by Igor Lischuk / SK MOST, Alena Plotnikova / Primor’e 24

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Opens Trial Traffic Over Russky Bridge

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took part in the inauguration of traffic over the bridge crossing the Eastern Bosphorus Strait on July 2. When the head of government warmly congratulated the builders, he confessed, “I am really very proud of being with you today and having a chance to be among the first people to travel over this beautiful unique structure.”

During the ceremony, Dmitry Medvedev noted that the bridge to the Russky Island has already become a city symbol. The bridge image has been already published in numerous advertising leaflets about Vladivostok and Primorie. The head of government underscored the highest standards on the nation’s bridge builders who showed that this country is capable of implementing enormous projects.

It should be noted that the construction of the unique bridge to the Russky Island was started on August 31, 2008 when Dmitry Medvedev issued an Executive Order to Choose OJSC USK MOST as the sole contractor. The Russian bridge builders have accomplished the state mission with honor. The Prime Minister shook hands with the specialists and workers of the General Contractor, OJSC USK MOST, and of the General Designer, NPO Mostovik, as he underscored,

“I am very glad that we are just on time with this important event for the city, the opening of the bridge trial operation, exactly today when the city residents are celebrating the 152nd anniversary from the day the city was founded. This is the opening of a magnificently looking stay cable bridge that has been built by teamwork of excellent professionals. I am certain that the bridge will serve numerous people, both Vladivostok residents, residents of the Russky Island, and all those who come here as tourists both from various places of this country and from abroad. The bridge will also be simply a beautiful architectural structure embodying the engineering genius. Thank you very much for the job that you did. I am sure that millions will appreciate this work. What is most important, it will be appreciated by those who live here. Congratulations with the Day of the City!”

The head of government emphasized that Vladivostok has changed significantly during the recent years. “The APEC Summit will be here literally in a couple of months. Well, everything that we have been doing here in recent years is undoubtedly associated with the event, but it has not been done for the Summit. This has been done for you, for those who live here. Summit is a pretext, and a good one at that. Powerful resources have been concentrated and great teams have been built in view of the Summit, and I was sure that they would accomplish the mission,” emphasized the Prime Minister.
After the traffic opening ceremony, Dmitry Medvedev took a bus with the builders and traveled over the bridge to the Russky Island. They had a stop in the middle of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait to take photos as a keepsake. They told Prime Minister that the bridge impressed very much the French builders and professionals from East Asia countries.

“This bridge will impress any professionals!” said Dmitry Medvedev having admired the sea panoramic view that opens from the 70-meter altitude.
When Dmitry Medvedev has arrived to the Russky Island, he looked from the balcony of the Student Center building in the campus of the State Far East University and again drew attention of all those present to the view of the unique stay cable bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. Once again, he emphasized the magnificent beauty of the Russky Bridge.
“This is really beautiful! A phenomenal view!” said the head of government with admiration.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has chaired a meeting on the Russky Island dedicated to development of the Far East, Irkutsk Region, Buryatia, and Trans-Baikal Region.

Photo by Igor Lischuk, Vadim Skorobogat’ko / SK MOST