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Bridge to the Russky Island Open for All Vladivostok Residents and Visitors

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

A remarkable event took place in the capital of Primorie on August 1: a unique bridge to the Russky Island over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait was opened for all types of motor vehicles. The entire Vladivostok shared the solemnity of the moment with General Contractor, OJSC USK MOST.

I might remember that the bridge to the Russky Island was opened for trial operation by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on July 2. Shipments of tens of thousands metric tons for facilities of the APEC Summit have been transported over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait during the past month when traffic was open for construction and special equipment only. The bridge builders promised the Prime Minister that the bridge would be accessible for all Vladivostok residents on August 1, and again they were as good as their word.

“The opening of the bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait is one of the most remarkable events for our city for recent decades, and we can sincerely congratulate all Vladivostok residents on this greatest happening. This is really a festive occasion!” emphasized Igor Pushkarev, Mayor of the capital of Primorie in his greeting speech. Sceptics who doubted that the project would ever be completed came out in great numbers at the very beginning of construction. And now, the record breaking bridge is officially open for all Vladivostok residents and visitors. An important mission of the bridge now is to contribute to city development and to open new opportunities. The residents of the region may be proud of this unique installation in Vladivostok.”

“Today we are witnessing an event that will forever stay in Vladivostok history because the dream of many generations of residents of Primorie has come true,” said Igor Tyunin, General Director, OJSC USK MOST. “We are really overwhelmed with pride in this unique project that has been implemented on the shores of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. On behalf of the entire group of SK MOST Companies I wish a nice trip to everyone who is going to use this beautiful bridge.”

Several bus itineraries are being developed which will connect different Vladivostok neighbourhoods to the Russky Island shortly. Many city motorists had a ride over the new bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait right after the inauguration procedure and they shared their impressions.
“I have been waiting for this bridge for 50 years! I can’t shape my impression into words. It is a credit to our builders who are real heroes!” says Anna, Kalinina, a Vladivostok resident, who does not conceal her emotions. “A stunning impression! They have built a splendid bridge. I hope that I will be a frequent visitor to the Russky Island,” says Valentin Vinik who was one of the first motorists to ride over the bridge.

“Perhaps the people will get used to this enormous installation with time, but driving over the bridge now is actually charming. The bridge is indescribably beautiful and it opens a view that is gorgeous! You know, I have just had a ride to the Russky Island and suddenly I realized that Vladivostok has become two or perhaps three times as big because of the bridge,” shares his impressions Igor Savchenko, a Vladivostok resident.

Thousands of Vladivostok residents will now be able to reach the Russky Island and get back without problems and they will really appreciate this giant installation that connects the shores of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. Russky Bridge that has already become a symbol of the capital of Primorie is now open for everyone!

Photo by Igor Lischuk / SK MOST