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The OJSC USK MOST employees were awarded with certificates of appreciation from first deputy Prime Minister of Russia

Monday, June 10th, 2013

June 4th, OJSC USK MOST employees gathered aboard the Hamadori to take part in an awards ceremony. Several employees were presented with awards from first deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Igor Shuvalov, praising their excellent work in preparing for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in 2012.

Vice-governor of the Primorky region Vladimir Balan was present to make a brief speech addressing the representatives of OJSC USK MOST aboard the Hamadori, and praised those present for their efforts in showing the best of Vladivostok at the APEC Summit. Following the ceremony, the ship made a trip over to the Russky Bridge, OJSC USK MOST’s recent project, and current pride of Vladivostok. The bridge was opened just in time for the APEC Summit, and warranted a very positive reaction from both Igor Shuvalov and president Vladimir Putin.

The following OJSC USK MOST employees were awarded with certificates of appreciation from Igor Shuvalov:

- Alexey Baranov, Branch Director of OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Vladislav Pilatov, Head of Worksite Security OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Alexandr Kolesnik, Deputy General Director of Production OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Peter Stakov, Senior Mechanic OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Dmitry Hlebnikov, Head of Security OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Oleg Kabalsky, Substitute Head of Security OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Victor Salovsky, Housing Management Director OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Andrey Paukov, Vice Director of Housing Management OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Nicolai Kargin, Director of Base 1 OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Nina Chudinova, assistant OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Eugine Goncharov, Supply Director OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Artem Efrenko, Information Technologies Engineer OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Sergey Sylaimanov, Head Power Engineer OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Sergey Safronov, Senior Production Analyst OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok
- Nicolai Rogor, Deputy General Director OJSC USK MOST Moscow

OJSK MOST Represented by Alexey Baranov as Judge and Andrey Savin as Winner of Two Awards.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

June 5th, the award ceremony for PrimaMedia’s “Vladivostok: Bridges and People” took place at the Primorsky Region Administration building. Deputy general director of OJSK MOST Alexey Baranov was present to give a brief speech, and talk about the “Russky Bridge” book which was, being awarded along with the other prizes.

Winners announced on the 4th of July received their awards, and among those to take home their prizes was OJSK MOST’s Andrey Savin. Savin took home the first place award for the “People on Bridges” category, and third place for “Bridge into the Future”.

Results of the “Valdivostok: Bridges and People” Photo Contest Published

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Results for the PrimaMedia photo contest “Vladivostok: Bridges and People” were published today on the PrimaMedia website. Last night, June 3rd, judges gathered to mark selected photographs on a 5-point scale, and came up with six winners, three for the “Bridge into the Future” category of the contest, and three for the “People on Bridges” category.

OJSK MOST’s Andrey Savin placed in both of the categories. Savin received third place in the “Bridge into the Future” category, with Vitaliy Roshin taking first, and Alexandr Markov coming in second.

Andrey Savin’s photograph which placed third in the “Bridge into the Future” category.
Retrieved from Photo: Andrey Savin.

As for the “People on Bridges” category of the photo contest, Savin placed first, with Yan Vostrikov coming in at second place, and Alexey Voronin in third.

Andrey Savin’s submission which won first place in the “People on Bridges” category.
Retrieved from Photo: Andrey Savin

Three more photos received honorable mentions in the contest, but will not be awarded prizes. The winners of the two main categories in the “Vladivostok: Bridges and People” photo contest will be officially announced on June 5th, which is also when they will be awarded their respective prizes.

SK MOST’s Russky Bridge Gains Extra Exposure Through the “Vladivostok: Bridges and People” Photo Contest

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

On the 30th of April, 2013, a large photography contest was launched in the Primorsky region of Russia by the local administration and PrimaMedia, a large news source in the Primorsky area. The contest was open to both professional and hobby photographers, and the submission deadline was June 1st. Those participating were encouraged to submit their photographs of local bridges with two categories in mind. In the first category, “A Bridge into the Future”, the contestant must present their chosen photographed bridge as a symbol of the constantly growing and changing Primorsky region. Within the second category, which can be roughly translated to “People on Bridges”, the goal of the photograph is to show the relationship between the people of the Primorsky region, and the bridges which they’ve seen erected in the past years in and around their cities.

The contest exhibition, held at the Primorsky region administration building, shows a collection of photographs chosen from the nearly 2,500 submissions as the finest and most relevant. One of the most often photographed bridges, The Russky Bridge, is pictured in almost every second photo. Images of all kinds crop up, from images of the completed bridge, to the bridge in the middle of construction. A couple of photos even show SK MOST workers in the midsts of construction, and residents of Vladivostok capturing their friends and family crossing the enormous bridge. The exhibition has drawn a lot of attention from residents and media sources alike.

With the contest closed, judges now have to make the difficult choice of naming three winners. On June 3rd, the judges gathered to rate the photographs, and will announce the results and names of winners on June 5th.

The panel of judges consists of a variety of local representatives such as the governor of the Primorsky region Vladimir Mikushevsky, general director of PrimaMedia Victor Sukhanov, the general director of Vostokshintorg Group of Companies Dmitry Tsarev, and the head of public communications at PAO ESV East, Nadezhda Rukina. Along with the aforementioned persons, the judging panel also involves a local regional ethnologist, Tamara Naidin, blogger Alexey Zorin, and two photographers, Danil Sigidin and Victor Serebryakov.

With one of the main focuses of this contest being SK MOST’s recent project, the Russky Bridge, an expert from the company itself was invited onto the panel of judges. The deputy general director of OJSC USK MOST Vladivostok, Alexey Baranov will take part in deciding whose photographs will be the winners in the “Bridges and People” contest.

Participation from SK MOST in the contest does not only come from the judging side of things. A few of the company’s employees, including Andrey Savin, Igor Lishuk and Vadim Skorobogatko have submitted their bridge photographs, and are among the 2,500 hopeful contestants in the running for first, second and third places, each with its respective prize. The first place winner will receive a Canon EOS-650D digital camera to pursue their photography endeavours, the second place winner will receive an iPad mini, and third place takes home a digital photo frame.

Selected photographs will remain on display at the Primorsky region administration building, and will be available for viewing up until the 15th of June.