Results of the “Valdivostok: Bridges and People” Photo Contest Published

Results for the PrimaMedia photo contest “Vladivostok: Bridges and People” were published today on the PrimaMedia website. Last night, June 3rd, judges gathered to mark selected photographs on a 5-point scale, and came up with six winners, three for the “Bridge into the Future” category of the contest, and three for the “People on Bridges” category.

OJSK MOST’s Andrey Savin placed in both of the categories. Savin received third place in the “Bridge into the Future” category, with Vitaliy Roshin taking first, and Alexandr Markov coming in second.

Andrey Savin’s photograph which placed third in the “Bridge into the Future” category.
Retrieved from Photo: Andrey Savin.

As for the “People on Bridges” category of the photo contest, Savin placed first, with Yan Vostrikov coming in at second place, and Alexey Voronin in third.

Andrey Savin’s submission which won first place in the “People on Bridges” category.
Retrieved from Photo: Andrey Savin

Three more photos received honorable mentions in the contest, but will not be awarded prizes. The winners of the two main categories in the “Vladivostok: Bridges and People” photo contest will be officially announced on June 5th, which is also when they will be awarded their respective prizes.