Customer And Contractors

Customer, developer — FGU DSD Vladivostok

Alexander M. Afanasiev
Alexander M. Afanasiev.

Full name – Ditecrorate, Vladivostok Federal Agency for Construction of Road Projects as the Center of International Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

FGU DSD Vladivostok is a budget federal state institution. The directorate’s objective is to organize construction and reconstruction of federal public highways and artificial structures on them stipulated by the subprogram “Development of Vladivostok as the Center of International Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation” of the Federal Target Program “Economic and Social Development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal Region to 2013”.

FGU DSD Vladivostok acts as a state customer for construction of the bridge crossing to Russky Island over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait in Vladivostok and reconstruction of the highway from Knevichi Airport to Sanatornaya station on the section of highway M-60 Ussuri from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok from km 733.5 to km 750.

Contractor — USK MOST OJSC

Igor Pavlovich
Igor P. Tjunin.
General Director, OJSC “USK MOST”.

USK MOST OJSC is part of the SK MOST Group of Companies. It functions as the General Contractor for constructing transport infrastructure and hydrotechnical facilities.

Large and unclassified railway bridges over the Volga, Kama, Oka, Moskva, Vyatka, Buzan, Don, Zeya, Ob, Ufa, Chuna, Unzha, Sheksna and Onon rivers became the company’s calling cards. Hundreds of conduit pipes and small and medium-sized bridges are simultaneously under construction and reconstruction throughout Russia.

Highway facilities include traffic intersections in the Moscow area and Tyumen, traffic bridges and overpasses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kislovodsk, Tyumen, Kaliningrad and Penza, and artificial structures along federal roads.

As a part of preparation for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, the enterprises of SK MOST Group of Companies are carrying out construction of the combined (rail and traffic) road from Adler to the mountain resort Alpika-Service (Krasnaya Polyana settlement). SK MOST is constructing 6 railway tunnels and 3 traffic tunnels, 3 service tunnels and 46 bridges on the section between Akhshtyr and Esto-Sadok settlements, from the 14th to the 46th km of the road. The total length of tunnels will exceed 27 km, and the total length of the railway and traffic bridges will exceed 20 km.

Main Business Directions:

  • Construction and reconstruction of bridges
  • Construction of highways
  • Construction and repair of railway tracks
  • Construction of hydrotechnical facilities
  • Tunnel construction
  • Civil construction
  • Manufacture of reinforced concrete items and steel structures
  • Woodworking.

Designer, Subcontractor — NPO Mostovik

Oleg V. Shishov
Oleg V. Shishov.
General Director.

The history of Mostovik — one of the largest design and construction associations in Russia – started in 1983. For the last ten years Mostovik Company has been a consistent leader at the top of Russian ratings.
The company’s reference list includes more than 250 of the most complex transport, industrial and civil infrastructure engineering structures in the Russian Federation and abroad. The association’s core principle is a comprehensive approach to project implementation: from surveys, design and manufacture of complex engineering structures, construction and installation work to facility commissioning. NPO Mostovik has affiliate companies and branches in Moscow, Yakutsk, Ufa, Bishkek, Krasnodar, Chita, Tyumen, Kaluga, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, the Republic of Altai, Kazakhstan, Germany and China.
The annual scope of work exceeds 14 billion rubles.

Main Business Directions:

  • Design of transport, special, industrial and civil infrastructure facilities
  • Construction of bridges, roads and tunnels
  • Subway construction
  • Construction of special underground facilities
  • Construction of industrial and civil facilities
  • Construction of oil and gas facilities
  • Tunneling equipment renewal
  • Manufacture of steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, bricks and translucent systems
  • Lift and crane production